telentConnect applications.

telentConnect applications ensure that your employees have the tools to communicate effectively irrespective of their location. The feature rich applications are delivered to your users via hosting centres providing a consistent and reliable experience.


Voice - feature rich service.

Voice is the base telephony service provided via telentConnect. It provides all the standard features of a modern service along with the ability to integrate with legacy equipment. The application is accessed via an IP phone or a desktop client.


Fusion application - integration into your existing desktop.

Fusion is a desktop application that integrates closely with Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Outlook. The Fusion client brings business class voice features along with video and “ad-hoc” or “scheduled” conferencing features seamlessly into the user's workspace.

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing - sharing desktop content between meeting participants.

A multi-media based conferencing service provides the ability to work collaboratively through sharing presentations, documents, files and desktop content using each participant’s preferred device.


Mobile workers - in or out of the office environment.

A mobile soft client designed to enhance the productivity of mobile workers when either in or out of the office environment. The mobile client is an application that is placed onto the mobile device and extends access to the telentConnect functionality across Wi-Fi and 3G and 4G networks. This is delivered through a simple easy-to-use interface ergonomically developed for clarity and consistency.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging - unifying multi-media messages into a single easily manageable mailbox.

Unified Messaging provides the ability for your employees to manage messages of different media types via a single, familiar interface (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). This reduces the time and effort required to manage the different media types when compared to the more traditional practice of having a separate interface per message type.

Contact Centre

Contact Centre - management of customer interactions.

Available in two service types, Express and Enhanced, the telentConnect Contact Centre service provides the ability for inbound customer contact to be managed more efficiently. This will improve your customer's experience whilst reducing overall costs.

The Enhanced Contact Centre service provides the ability to blend multi-media contact types such as email, webchat, and social media ensuring your agents have a real time, multi-channel view of your customer. This provides the ability to manage the different media types as consistently and efficiently as the standard voice call capability.

This provides the ability to manage the different media types as simply as the standard voice call capability. Voice Recording, Workforce Management and Integrated Voice Response are also available as additional options.

On-site Gateways

On-site Gateways - integrate with legacy systems during migration and provide resiliency.

Onsite hardware ensures migration from the legacy platform to telentConnect is seamless and also provides high levels of resiliency.

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