Working with telent.

Dedicated to defining the ever changing digital landscape, we design and deliver solutions and services which enable organisations to create, improve and maintain their mission critical communications networks.

Vital in the effective operation of the nation’s infrastructure and at the heart of many of the UK’s and Ireland’s best-known brands, we operate within various industry sectors including Transport, Service Provider, Public Safety, Defence, Government/Public Services and Enterprise.

Our industry expertise and accreditations make the company a partner of choice for organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Key benefits of telentConnect

Maximum return

Customers of telentConnect are provided with solutions that have been designed from the ground up to focus on maximising their benefit without compromise.

This is made possible through our vendor and carrier independence which allows us to choose elements  from multiple portfolios; as a result this provides our customers with a best of breed solution leveraging the most advanced technologies available.


As a customer of telentConnect you can expect flexibility to be at the heart of the solution delivered.

The user types and options available provide the ability to ergonomically match your users with the features and functions they require, for example they can have softclients on their devices, IP phones on their desktop or access solutions via a web browser. Added to this the ability to simply add and remove users on a “pay per month” basis makes variable staffing levels more manageable and less expensive when compared to traditional asset purchase models.


The in-built scalability designed into the telentConnect platform provides your organisation with the ability to simply add more users on an “as and when” basis.

This provides you with the ability to continue to meet the communications needs of your organisation throughout significant periods of change such as mergers and acquisitions or alternatively through organic growth.


The "pay per user per month" hosted model provides your organisation with a predictable cost base that is both clear and consistent.

The pricing of telentConnect is fixed throughout the agreed term. This provides you with the ability to quickly and more accurately predict the cost impact of changes to your organisation when compared to a traditional non hosted solutions.